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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I go to/open a different page?

    To browse our website, you should use the red menu bar below our header picture. There are links on the bar which are self explanatory as to where the link will take you. When you place your mouse cursor over a button you will see it highlight (The button will have a lighter red background), when you are on the link you want, please click it and the page will load. The time taken to load the page will vary depending on the content on the page. The menu page is likely to take the longest time.

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  • How do I add a product to the basket?

    When you are on the menu page you will see all the products we have for sale. When you see one that you want you need to click the green "PLUS +" icon to the right hand side of the screen. The icon looks like this: +. When you click this you should see your basket update itself. You should also see a transfer effect that visually shows the product moving to the order basket.

    When you add a pizza, you need to choose the pizza size from the drop down box and THEN click the green button. To clarfify, choose the size THEN add, otherwise you could end up adding the wrong pizza size. When you cilck add you will be presented with a pizza editor, this will allow you to change toppings and crusts etc. If you dont want to change anything just click "Save & add to order". At the bottom of the window that was opened for the pizza editor.

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  • How do I edit a product in the basket?

    Unfortunately you cannot edit the items in the basket, once they are in, they are in! This should not affect you if you are adding simple products into the order. If you have added a special or a pizza and wish to change it, you will need to remove the item from the basket and then re-add it with the options you want!

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  • How do I remove a product from the basket?

    In the VERY unlikely event that you want to remove something from your order then you can do so by clicking the remove button (a red square with a "-" symbol on it) next to the item in the basket. When you click it you will be prompted to make sure it wasnt an accident, click ok and it will vanish from your order.

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  • I have forgotten my password and/or username?

    Dont worry, this isn't a problem, simply go to the members page (click from the red menu bar, or click here) and next to the login section on the left, you will see there is a blue link next to the Login button which says "Forgot details?". Click this and you will be prompted to enter your email address, enter it and click "Send Email," this will send your username and password to your email. If the email you have entered is not registered with the website you will be advised of this.

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  • How do I register a free account?

    Registration is quick and easy (and free). To register go to the members page (where you are prompted to login) and in the middle will be a large green button saying "Register Now". Click this and follow the instructions..

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  • How do I login?

    There are two ways to login:.

    • 1) Go to the members page (accessible from the red menu bar) and on the left you will see a login box. Enter the email and password that you registered with, then enter the code that was generated in the orange box into the white box. The two boxes must match EXACTLY. Click login and you will be presented with the members area, more specifically, your previous orders.
    • 2) When you have made your order and are at the checkout stage, you can login from this screen to save you from typing in all your information. Enter your email and password (if you have forgotten your password see the relevant forgot password FAQ), then enter the code from the orange box into the white one. Click login and your details will enter themselves. It is highly recommended to have an account as the more orders you make the better you're treated! We see how many orders you have made from that account each time we receive your order.

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  • What does the "Enter Code" box mean - What do I type in there?

    You will see the "Enter Code" prompt on login screens. This is a simple security method to prevent automated logins. It also ensures that session data is completely destroyed. The idea is that each time the page loads a different code will be generated, by typing in this code it ensurtes that you as the user are there and logging in yourself and a program is not doing it for you. On many websites once you logout, you can click the BACK button in your browser and it will log you out again however this facility negates that problem. It is much more secure for you. All you need to to is copy or type the code displayed in the orange box, and put it into the white box. Thats it.

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  • Things don't seem to work... why is this?

    Almost all users on the internet use a modern internet browser to use the website however there may still be some users that use old browsers. A browser is the software you use to view the internet; this is most likely Microsoft's built in Internet Explorer or Mozilla's Firefox. There are many other popular browsers. Our website uses technology that is not compatible with old browsers (such as Internet Explorer version 6) and as such items on the page may not appear correctly, if you suspect that this is the case then we highly recommend that you update your browser to the later version. Our recommended browser can be downloaded free here: http://www.firefox.com. The browser you use must support a programming language called JavaScript. If you know you have a modern browser and things are still not working then you may have accidentally (or purposely) disabled JavaScript.

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  • What software/hardware requirements do I need to use this site?

    Pretty much every computer that can access the internet can use this site. Mobile devices such as mobile phones/iphones etc. will struggle with all the new dynamic content so we advise not to order online with your phone, instead ring us. Essentially we have the following software requirements:

    • Any operating system from 2000 onwards. (Includes Windows 2000,XP,Vista,7, any Mac and any UNIX/LINUX OS)
    • An internet browser capable of running modern JavaScript: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Opera 8+ or similar.

    As for hardware we only require that you have a broadband internet connection!
    If you are browsing this page and all seems fine, then you have all the requirements to use this site efficiently.

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